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At Rechnitz Kessler and Co., our long-term relations with our clients are based on trust and integrity, and we realize that our specific service to the client is only a link in a long chain of fruitful relations.

We are proud of our business experience and our ability to tackle various situations in a cross-disciplinary approach, specializing in cutting edge and multi-disciplinary solutions, all with the purpose of protecting and promoting our clients’ interests.

Practice Areas

Property Management in Israel
Property, Real Estate, Zoning and Contractors in Israel
Corporate and M&A
Litigation in Israel
Property Tax – Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Israel
Planning and Construction in Israel

The Team

Tali Kessler

Advocate MBA

Tali Kessler is vastly experienced in the field of commercial law, including mergers and acquisitions, real estate law and more

Tal Rechnitz

Advocate LL.M, MBA

Adv. Rechnitz specializes in the field of commercial law including property, corporations, contracts, and more.

Tzachi Shvartz


Tzachi Shvartz, Adv. engages in commercial and civil law, specializing in commercial, hi-tech, and security business and more.

Shai Zychlinski


Mr. Zychlinski has extensive experience in legal and business positions in the Israeli banking system.

Heli Ben Abu


Adv. Heli Ben Abu is part of our firm since 2011 and specializes in Commercial Law, including Corporate Law, and more.

Rahav Oz


dv. Rahav Oz specializes in Commercial – Civil litigation including: Corporate Law, Contract Law, Real Estate Law, and more.

The Articles

The complete guide to selling a second-hand apartment in Israel 2022-2023
Preliminary inspections before making a decision to sell a second-hand apartment Before setting off there are some tests that are very important to do even before


Tali Kessler, Adv.

November 3, 2022

Transfer a property in Israel from an offshore corporation to its shareholder
Samuel, a businessman who made his fortune for many years in one of the African countries, purchased several lands in the …


Tali Kessler, Adv.

August 5, 2021

Capital Gains Tax Exemption for a Foreign Resident in the Sale of a Residential Property in Israel
As of January 1, 2014, a nonresident is not entitled to an exemption from capital gains tax (also known as betterment tax or …


Tali Kessler, Adv.

June 10, 2018

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